The cost of raising a family elevator 1 month

A lot of customers have questions such as the following when deciding to install elevators for their families: how much does the elevator consume each month?, is the maintenance money high?, what is the cost of replacing equipment?, total cost per month for the elevator kit Like what?. In this article, we will ignore the cost of depreciation of equipment to estimate the amount per month you must spend to operate a mini elevator.

1. Electricity

Household elevator type using the baby capacity tractor, in addition Thang is also smart programmed to automatically turn off after a certain period of time without users, moreover the frequency of reuse too little (about 30-40 times per day) , so the electricity cost is very small.

According to our survey in more than 50 households are using household elevators, the electricity money per month for the elevator from 300,000 to 400,000 dong. So take the average number:

Family lift each month is around: 350,000 power coins [A]

2. Maintenance costs and periodic maintenance:

The elevator is a special equipment and requires very high in terms of safety, stability when the main operation therefore to ensure the ladder needs to be maintained periodically. During the warranty period, the monthly maintenance is the responsibility of the supply unit and is free of charge.

However, at the end of the maintenance period you should sign a periodic maintenance contract with the elevator company. The maintenance contract is divided into several packages: once a month, twice a month or every three months, in the early years (at the new elevator) to save the maintenance package can be selected each 3 months.

At present, each company’s maintenance fee is a guest. Get an average price of about 450,000 per month, so the maintenance cost, maintenance of the elevator each months is:

Cost of maintenance per month: 150,000/month [B]

3. Inspection costs.

According to the regulations of the State, the elevator in general or the family elevator needs to be inspected safely, with the ladder with “age” under 20 years, the inspection period is 3 years, for more than 20 years, the inspection once a year.

Usually the first inspection fee will be paid by the elevator provider from the times after the user must be responsible for payment to the inspection agency at the time of the price. Current inspection fees with a set of lifts such as the family elevator (usually with a height of less than 10 floors, over 10 floors will be higher) is 2 million once for a period of 3 years.

Thus, during the first 20 years, the cost per month of the elevator safety inspections dropped to about 55,000 dong/month:

Safety inspection Fee: 55,000 dong [C]

4. Replace the device.

Mini Elevator for home use genuine equipment very few broken snacks, so for about 7-8 years the first replacement equipment very few occur, it is only change ball lighting for the cabin. In the elevator cabin there are many choice of balls, can be mounted 4 ball LED Downlight, or neon ball,… The price of these balls on the market is very cheap.

For example, every year instead of a shadow, with the current neon Phillips ball at 12,000/ball, each cabin only needs to fit 2 balls. So the total ball is 24,000 dong/12 months, per month 2,000 [D]

Conclusion: Over here we have listed the types of fixed expenses every month you use small elevators that need to be spent in order to operate with average usage (do not take into device depreciation), including the total cost of : Electricity, maintenance, inspection fee, replacement equipment fee:

“Raising” the lift per month = [A] + [B] + [C] + [D] = 557,000 VND/month

As such, at roughly the cost of nearly 600,000, each month is absolutely reasonable for the benefits that the elevator brings to your family, it is more convenient travel, it is to make good use of the space on the floor That is, whenever it is necessary to transfer, also the elevator contributes to raising the value of the house.

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