Steps to follow:

Step 1: Meet customers’ advice on necessary and sufficient specifications for elevator installation as well as the choice of elevator furniture to suit the building, apartment that the customer wants.

In case the hoisway have been built, the technical team of An Nam will come directly to survey and plan the drawing. In case buildings and apartments are in the design or construction phase, An Nam consults the minimum standard sizes to save space.






Step 2: Elevator quote



Step 3: Develop technical drawings of elevators

(for example)



Step 4: Sign a contract between An Nam and the customer with the agreement of both parties on the terms of the contract.



Step 5: Order the lift.

Step 6: Mounting elevator, adjusting and testing elevator.


Step 7: Instructions for use and handing over elevator to customers.

From the 4th step all work is performed under the signed contract.

In the process of working, An Nam always supports customers with the best possible criteria: “High quality products, reasonable prices, best after-sales service.

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