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The products are manufactured according to European standards EN or JIS standards and have been certified for quality management ISO 9001: 2000, Eurovent EN 1886-1998 certificate, ARI 410, .. .

G.I. INDUSTRIAL HOLDING is a combination of the world’s leading companies pioneering in the field of air conditioning, process cooling, strict control and air treatment: Clint, Novair, Montair, KTK.

– Clint specializes in providing products: Liquid Chillers, Packaged Roof Top units, Fan Coil units, Ducted Split systems.

– Novair specializes in providing products about air handling and ventilation: Air Handling Units.

– Monair specializes in precision air conditioners and control systems: Precision Air Conditioning.

– KTK represents the water-cooling segment dedicated to both industrial processes air conditioners

The strength of G.I products is the practicality, the ability to provide solutions for highly specific requirements, especially in large systems. G.I. has been present across all of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and North America and with the constant challenges facing the market, with pre-sales & post-sales services GI has come up with reliable solutions to our customers .