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An NAM Trading and Engineering Joint stock company specializes in supplying, consulting of air conditioning products, high quality elevators, modern technology of world-class brand names such as G. I HOLDING, Hitachi,…

The production products are compliant with European EN standard or Japanese standard JIS and have been certified with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management certificate, Eurovent EN 1886-1998, ARI 410,…

We are committed to providing genuine products and warranty service along with the best maintenance service for customers throughout the territory of Vietnam.


We are supplier of KONE, to provide best services, best quality to customers.

Kone elevator had original in Findland and now have Viet Nam’s offices. This elevator will bring you very good experiences for the uniqueness, the colors, and the materials. Moreover, we’re always willing to advise, answer, support anytime, anywhere and focus on benefit to customers.

In addition, KONE also brings many utilities as well as solutions, for example: KONE Connected 24/7, KONE design online tools,…

Here are some examples of cabin: Unique – Style – High fasioned:


Currently, Hitachi Elevator Vietnam is under the management of Hitachi Elevator Asia, headquartered in Singapore.

Hitachi’s products are constantly changing, improving the code and technology to match the changing of the globe. Hitachi Elevators are manufactured under various standards such as EN, JIS, HK, GB,… In accordance with the voltage temperature, the environmental temperature of each region and has been granted certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Environmental Management system certificate ISO14001.

If the car is like an external traffic vehicle, the elevator is also called “a car” but that is “run in the building”. The quality of the products, the technological synchronization of the components that make up the product and the assembly techniques, elevator calibration are the key factors leading to contribute to a high-quality elevator.

An NAM Trading and Engineering Joint stock company provides consulting services. Calculation of traffic Select the elevator, design, installation, calibration, warranty, maintenance of elevators Hitachi