General criteria for family elevator

The family elevator is the device used to transport the main person so there is strict requirements for safety. In Vietnam there is a safety standard of elevator loading customers, however with family elevator there are special peculiarities so recently, the Ministry of Labour-Invalids and Society has issued circular No. 15/2018/TT-BLĐTRANKINGS on “technical regulations National Lift of occupational safety for household elevators “.

In circular 15/2018/TT-BLĐTRANKINGS have been very clear about the design, production, installation, use, rescue and management of this particular equipment, following we are pleased to introduce the key points in this circular.

About designing and installing elevators

  • Family elevator floor Area no larger than 1.6 m2, the size of the cabin edges should not be less than 600m
  • The journey of the ladder does not exceed 15m. The journey of the elevator is calculated from the first floor of the elevator to the top of the elevator floor.
  • Elevator load is not less than 200kg/m2 cabin floor. The minimum payload is 115kg.
  • When the cabin stops on the lower floor click the distance from the lowest part of the cabin bottom to damper should not be less than 250mm and should not be greater than 750mm.
  • Horizontal distances between the cabin and the elevator pits, the distance between the cabin and the argument is not less than 20mm
  • Spacing between floor sill and cabin sill no larger than 30mm
  • Family elevator door height must be greater than or equal to 1850m
  • Dimensional Pine Cabin not less than 2m
  • In the machine room must be between 5oC and 40o

About Elevator Collection

The elevator after the installation is completed, for testing and conducting safety inspections and subsequent licenses to be tested and handed over to the investor, the items of the test are:

  • Design payload
  • Rate speed
  • Cabin size, stair size
  • Stop-level accuracy
  • Stability of safety devices, control systems
  • About Family Elevator safety inspections

Home lifts before the official use must be inspected securely. Periodic or unusual inspection procedures are subject to the process issued by the Ministry of Labour-Invalids and social Affairs.

The inspection cycle is not more than 3 years in exchange for the operation ladder under normal conditions
With scale “age ” Over 10 years, must be inspected once each two years
If the manufacturer or unit owner uses the request, the test cycle can shorten. See more: Electrical lift testing procedures.
Above are the common points in the parameters 15/2018/TT-BLTHE Ministry of Labour-Invalids and Society for the National Technical regulation on labour safety for family elevator. You can view this circular details immediately following:

Circular No. 15/2018/TT-BLĐTCHART was issued on 12/10/2018 and officially in effect on 01/03/2019.

In addition to complying with this circular, the family lift device must meet the standards of the following two sets of standards:

TCVN 6395:2008: Electrical Elevators-Safety requirements for construction and installation

TCVN 6396-2:2009: Hydraulic elevators-Safety requirements for construction and installation

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